Jack Stevens – A Community School Campus For Puntledge and Lake Trail

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A Community School Campus Model
For Puntledge Park and Lake Trail

Jack Stevens
March 13, pilule 2016


  Puntledge Park be maintained as an Elementary School
  Lake Trail be maintained as a secondary school
–  Together the two schools be integrated into an overall Community Education Center


  Both schools continue delivering required curricular programs to their respective age groups
  West Courtenay will require both an elementary school and a secondary school for future growth
  Both school facilities are under utilized as year round community resources
  Opportunities would exist for shared funding and staffing

 Potential Features

  Environmental Education projects  e.g. salmon enhancement, viagra
community gardens, Hydro Smart School, forest ecology and enhancement
  First Nations cultural programs
  Adult Education and Skills Training
  Performing arts enhancement
  Expanded recreation and Sports for all age groups
  Full evening, weekend and summer programs
  Early Childhood Education and quality, affordable Child Care
  Distance Education programs for students and community
  Expanded Athletic programs for all age groups
  Health Education and Information services
  Food production in collaboration with Lush Valley and Farmers Market
  Demonstration projects eg. rainwater conservation, energy conservation, recycling
  Community seminars on topical issues. Leadership development
  Pilot project in integrated social service delivery
  Training and internship opportunities