Ways You Can Help

Keep Puntledge kids protest

If the trustees vote on March 15 to close Puntledge, information pills then there’s no going back.  Instead, dysentery  we’re asking them to vote to keep Puntledge open and consider alternate uses for Lake Trail school.

#1 Write our Trustees

This one is the most important:  Ask our trustees to vote against the closure.

Use our letter template on the LETTERS page, or crib from the many inspiring examples of hundreds written to date (SEE THE BOTTOM OF THAT PAGE).

Find the Trustees’ individual addresses right here.

#2 Show your family and friends this site

And ask them to write or email or phone the trustees, too. Permanent school closures happen when too few people notice. We need our elected trustees to know we want them to explore other options.

Post this site on your Facebook page, your Twitter, your Instagram. Email this site to your cousin, your co-workers, your book club. Tell your people why to click and take action.

#3 Show up at Meetings

A strong presence shows the community cares.  The Town Hall on March 8th is the big one, but the Board meetings are open too, and there is a Question Period at the end.  Wear your green t-shirts!

#4 Sign the petition

So far, we’ve had over 700 online signatures, and an equal number on paper – plus over 500 postcards sent, and another 500 coming. And our video has had over 6,000 views.
If you haven’t signed yet, now’s the time.

#5 Put a sign on your front lawn

Prominent locations are needed to host our “Save Puntledge” signs.

#6 Join our team

A small but mighty group of parents and community members have worked for months on behalf of the community.  We need hands-on for the Celebration Stations outside the school, for street canvassing with postcards and petitions, to promote online and let people know in real life.

For more strategies, click through the links and documents on our RESOURCES page.  This sheet from the BCTF is especially useful.

The fight to preserve public education is for the long haul.  It’s fun, and we’re winning – jump in!

Thank you!